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Parallel and Distributed Systems

Modern IT demands high computational power everywhere at any time - ranging from execution of complex simulations over global data analysis to distributed execution of collaborative work. All these aspects necessitate the integration of multiple CPUs dispersed over clusters and data centers potentially across the world. Single CPU cores are rarely sufficient for performing the complex computations needed in simulations or modern applications, leading to the development of multi-core processors. But multi-processor computers have been in use in the area of High Performance Computing for decades by now to compensate the lacking performance of a single processor.

The department for Parallel and Distributed Systems investigates methods to effectively exploit CPU cores, no matter their location and connection in an integrative fashion. This involves the whole processing stack from network over processor architecture up to execution control. The department is leading research on distributed Operating Systems and Distributed High Performance Computing.

Areas of Research:

  • High Performance Computing

  • Distributed Computing

  • Operating Systems

  • Modelling and Simulation

  • Big Data